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The color #ffcccc (hexadecimal) is composed of 100% red 80% green and 80% blue (RGB). In CMYK terms, it is composed of 0% cyan, 20% magenta, 20% yellow and 0% black. The color saturation is at 20%, angle of 0° degrees and brightness of 90%. This is a web safe color and related to the following color names in terms of web usage: Almond, Almost Mauve, Baby Pink, Tea Rose, Bubble Gum, Cameo Pink, Can Can Light, Carissma Light, Chantilly, Charm Light, Cherry Blossom Pink, Cotton Candy, Crystal Rose, Cupid, Desert Sand, Dull Pallid Rose, Dull Pallid Rose Light, English Rose, French Peach, Hot Pink Light, Light Pink, Light Rose, Light Froly, Light Medium Apricot, Light Pale Red-violet, Medium Pink, Mauve Morn, Mauvette, Misty Rose, Moccasin, Orchid Pink, Pale Pink, Pale Rose, Pale Blush, Pastel Pink, Peach, Peach Gray, Peach Puff, Peach Schnapps, Pearl, Pink Champagne, Unbleached Silk, Watusi.
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#ffcccc Color Conversions

Conv. Type Conv. Value HTML Value
Hexadecimal ffcccc
RGB Decimal 255, 204, 204
RGB Percent 100%, 80%, 80%
CMYK 0, 20, 20, 0
HSV/HSB 0, 20, 1
HSL 0, 20, 90
Web Safe ffcccc
Conv. Type Conv. Value
Binary 11111111, 11001100, 11001100
XYZ 73.732, 68.805, 66.521
Yxy 68.805, 0.353, 0.329
CIE-L*ab 86.407, 18.008, 6.859
CIE-L*uv 86.407, 31.559, 6.792
CIE-L*CH° 86.407, 19.270, 20.851
Hunter-Lab 82.949, 13.506, 10.516

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